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A new word for health and wellbeing

Vital is a symbol that represents our commitment to create a health and wellness concept that flows harmoniously throughout each Vila Vita Parc experience.

Found throughout our restaurant, bar, fitness and spa menus, this mark guides us toward a healthier path, making better choices to help break down the barriers between taking a wellness break and simply enjoying your holiday — allowing you the freedom to find your own balance.

Working with nutritionists, trainers and a dedicated team of health and wellness specialists, Vital is how all the pieces come together, combining their knowledge of nutrition, fitness and wellness therapies into an open, integrated range of options to suit the unique lifestyle needs of each individual.

This means you can tailor as much of your stay towards health and wellness as you wish, from joining bespoke wellness programs to ordering a great tasting yet nutritious lunch, Vital is a philosophy inspired by our passion that all our guests feel welcome and included to a more natural, healthier way of life.

Sports and Fitness

Sports & Fitness

An exceptional team of personal trainers and coaches will teach, inspire and sharpen your body and mind

Vital fitness plans and activities are designed to make it easy to find the right mindset during your stay at Vila Vita Parc. The clear blue skies and golden beaches of the Algarve, alongside an exceptional team of personal trainers and coaches all work together to inspire and motivate body and mind.

The flexibility and personalisation of the Vital concept mean that you can choose how to make the most of your time here, based around your needs, goals and mood, challenging yourself with a wide range of sporting options or unwinding with the mindfulness of yoga complimented by a beautiful natural setting.

Vital plans can be fully tailored, with options for the whole family, including Teen Wellness programmes promoting health and wellness for our younger guests, and work hand in hand with the Vital menus and food plans available throughout Vila Vita’s gastronomy.

Initial fitness evaluations will help our personal trainers and nutritionists to pinpoint areas that need extra attention and select a personalised list of fitness exercises that will favour short and long-term results with an integrated Vital fitness and nutrition plan that can be easily followed without interrupting your stay with us.

Sports and Fitness

Health & Wellbeing

Discover a new sense of vitality within the natural serenity of our surroundings

A serene and tranquil sanctuary for body and mind, our Spa can be considered the birthplace of the Vital concept. As the original name of our Spa facility, Vital has grown to represent something more - the increasing importance that people place health and wellness within their daily lives.

At the heart of our spa are the rejuvenating natural properties of our stunning location, the soft golden sands, the ancient rock faces and the cleansing blue waters of the Atlantic ocean. Ancient beliefs and practices involving the revitalising and beautifying powers of sand and seawater to the relieve stress and energise the mind and body all helped inspire the design of our spa facilities.

Vital wellness plans and therapies have been designed to allow complete integration into the enjoyment and relaxation of your holiday experience– as well as working in harmony with your Vital nutrition and fitness needs and goals.

The philosophy of our spa, and of Vital, is that the natural serenity of our surroundings should be enjoyed throughout your stay, with wellness influences found throughout Vila Vita Parc and personalised therapies available in private rooms or villas for any of our guests.

Sports and Fitness


Vital dishes and menus carefully curated by our chefs and nutritionists

Vital dishes and menus have been carefully curated by our chefs to ensure that they provide a vibrant, healthy diet without losing the essence of their highest quality gastronomic identity. Working alongside our in -house nutritionists, Vital has also inspired an awareness of health and nutrition throughout our bar and restaurant culture.

In line with our farm-to-fork philosophy, the products we use to create Vital options arecarefully selected and locally sourced, considering the season, quality and combination of ingredients to ensure that our wellness inspired dishes remain an incredibly delicious experience.

With the help of our expert consultants in healthy nutrition, specially designed Vital menu plans can be tailored to meet our guests’ particular needs and goals, while every restaurant and bar menu features Vital dishes as a healthy alternative.

To learn more about the Vital Wellness philosophy, the importance of nutrition and its impact on health, read the article Food for the Mind.

Sports and Fitness

Packages and Programmes

Over the course of 3-5 days the following elements are included and the programme can be arranged by your Wellness Concierge or Personal Assistant.

Vital is a symbol that represents our commitment to create a health and wellness concept that flows harmoniously throughout each Vila Vita Parc experience.The Vital Signature wellness programme offers guests a chance to engage in a full immersive services of carefully curated wellness enhancing activities throughout the day that focus on both mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Looking at fitness, movement quality, mindfulness and spa treatments, all support with a fully complimentary nutritional offering, guest will leave us with the most important feeling of all, feel great. Over the course of 3-5 days the following elements are included and the programme can be arranged by your Wellness Concierge or Personal Assistant.

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