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Food for thought

We live in fast-moving times where we can easily lose sight of what’s important in life – taking time to look after ourselves and enjoy a healthier life, today and tomorrow. but the demands of our modern lifestyle often lead to quick fixes and convenience, ushering in the rise of heavily processed food. fast food for fast times.

The Surprising Effects of Dehydration: Why You Need to Drink More Water

Finding Success and Life Balance: 5 Key Tips to Manage Stress

The Fat from Fiction: 10 Fat-Burning Facts You Need to Know

5 myths about the keto diet… and the truth behind them

Disconnect to Connect – Why We Need to Switch Off and Unplug

Preventative Medicine – The Best Way to Stop Getting Sick?

HIIT vs LISS: Which Cardio Should I be Doing?

All cardio works pretty much the same way, increasing blood flow through the heart and circulatory system to sustain movement. What makes HIIT and LISS so different is how they use the body’s two main energy systems – anaerobic and aerobic?

Top 10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Fasting

In this blog, we’ll take a look at 10 benefits of fasting that will surprise you into incorporating fasting into your daily routine.

Top 5 ways the Algarve can help you live a longer, healthier life!

You are what you eat, so the saying goes. But these days, it seems you are where you live might be a more apt expression. National Geographic explorer and author Dan Buettner discovered that the increased longevity in certain geographical areas, known as Blue Zones, were due to the lifestyle habits shared among their people. In recent years, Portugal has been consistently nominated as one of the best places to live for quality of life and wellbeing. So, let’s be inspired by the Blue Zones and take a look at how the Algarve can help us live a longer, happier life!

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