Packages & Programmes

The Vital Wellness programmes offer guests a chance to engage in a full immersive services of carefully curated wellness enhancing activities throughout the day that focus on both mental, emotional and physical well being.

Looking at fitness, movement quality, mindfulness and spa treatments, all supported with a fully complementary nutritional offering, guest will return home with the most important benefit of all, feeling great.

Vital Wellness programmes are exclusively bookable in combination with accommodation booked at Vila Vita Parc. The 3 or 5 day programmes are the recommended minimum duration. However, the activities may be arranged over a longer stay, allowing guests to enjoy them at their own pace.

Half board Vital Menu options are available with each programme from € 48 per person, per day. Full board options are also available. To book, please contact us at

Signature Wellness Programme

Vital Signature Wellness

The Vital Signature Wellness programme embraces all the Vital represents. Mental, physical and emotional well being are addressed on a daily basis.

Vital Destress

Vital Destress

The management of stress is a key component in well being. The Vital Destress programme gives guests the ultimate way to physically and mentally unwind during their stay. A digital detox is also recommended.

Vital Purify

Vital Purify

Detoxing is an essential first step for any weight loss or health improvement programme. Purify and cleanse your body from accumulated toxins and impurities whilst energizing at the same time.

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