Food for thought

We live in fast-moving times where we can easily lose sight of what’s important in life – taking time to look after ourselves and enjoy a healthier life, today and tomorrow. but the demands of our modern lifestyle often lead to quick fixes and convenience, ushering in the rise of heavily processed food. fast food for fast times.

Vila Vita Parc believes that its time to simplify, to go back to basics and we have worked hard to commit to a farm to fork philosophy throughout each and every one of our menus. This is not just something we do; it’s actually become a part of who we are. Because, after all, you are what you eat…

A fresh look at nutrition

The modern world does not make living healthy easy, with constant temptations that make it difficult to stay focused. We wanted to make sure that our passion for good, honest food became something real, something that could help inspire our guests. This is why we have a full-time dietician on staff to help create a culture of nutritional education throughout Vila Vita Parc. From our staff canteen to our fine dining restaurants, we wanted to generate an awareness of the effect of diet upon weight loss and general health. In short, we decided it was time to look at tourism and nutrition a little differently.

Of course, when you’re on holiday, making the right choices can prove a challenge in itself, that’s why our in-house dietician has worked alongside each and every one of our chefs and their staff to ensure that our nutritional values have been considered in every dish available at Vila Vita Parc. Locally sourced ingredients are used to create vibrant, seasonal menus that incorporate curated options for guests joining us on a wellness break.

The Vital Lifestyle

This is where our new Vital Wellness concept comes into play, we will be offering curated Vital options, specially designed by our dietician, throughout our dining facilities for guests to choose during their stay. This will enable everyone, from those looking to make a change to those on a long-term dietary plan, to move freely among our diverse restaurants and bars, safe in the knowledge that they will find something to suit their needs upon every menu.

Eating smarter

Today, we know more than ever about the composition of food, why we eat what we do and what drives our appetite – and, most importantly, we know that each of us is different, unique. And although this might seem intimidating, exciting new research in nutrition means that bespoke dietary plans can really make a positive change in your life. Our nutrition plans are built upon this knowledge and offer personalised nutritional strategies intended to offer all the benefits of a healthy diet without compromising on flavour or taste. In short, smarter food for a smarter diet.

A passion for great food

Our passion is to inspire others to look a little closer at their diet by adopting habits that reflect balance, moderation and common sense, these are, after all, the best ingredients for sustainable, healthy eating. To lead the way, Vila Vita Parc serves fresh, delicious and ecologically responsible food sourced from our Alentejan farm, as well as local markets and artisanal suppliers who share our values. With several wellness and detox diets available and a complete range of vegetarian, gluten-free, high-protein and low glycaemic dietary options, we can offer a wellness break that doesn’t exclude you from the warm welcome and luxury lifestyle of Vila Vita.

After all, by understanding our guests needs and how their diet works, we hope to inspire them to reprioritise health and wellbeing into their day-to-day routines. And that’s the crucial point, nutrition is about eating well day in, day out - that’s what we have committed to. Inspiring change and motivating people to eat fresher, healthier and smarter. Because, as the old saying goes, you are what you eat...

Now that’s food for thought.

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